Laboratory for Molecular Surfaces and Nanotechnology

LAMSUN aims to exploit the traditional expertise of the research group in radiation-matter interaction and Surface Science techniques, to understand and control the physics and chemistry of Soft Matter organization at passive and active surfaces, i.e., to achieve the control of the molecular order of thin and ultrathin molecular LAMSUN people are affiliated to:

and macromolecular films at surfaces by tuning intermolecular and molecule-surface interactions.
The Laboratory for Molecular Surfaces and Nanotechnology – LAMSUN – has been founded in 2001, as the necessary evolution of the originary skills of the research group on Physical Chemistry of Surfaces, leaded by Professor Giovanni Marletta at University of Catania. LAMSUN is specifically equipped with instrumental facilities enabling the study of the static and dynamic features of Soft Matter systems, i.e., the systems which are basically driven by interfacial phenomena and, in particular, are ruled by weak interactions, entropy playing a privileged role in determining their behavior. Thus, challenging processes, spanning from complex self-assembly to “smart”, “programmable” dynamical behaviors to the evolution of non-equilibrium states towards meta-ordered states, constitute, among the others, the “phenomenic” landscape of the field.

LAMSUN lectures and Keynote speeches:

1st European Conference

on Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

An European Framework for Physical Chemistry
Conferences on Physical and Theoretical Chemistry have primarily been held to date by individual scientific organizations. There, mostly specialized subjects are discussed providing a disciplinary or interdisciplinary foundation for scientific exchange.
Large conferences covering all major contemporary subjects of physical and theoretical chemistry are only regularly held in some European countries. To date a broad platform on the European scale is missing for offering on a regular basis contacts between European researchers from physical and theoretical chemistry.
First attempts for filling this need were made in 2011 by the Physical Chemistry Division of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS) by inviting colleagues from European countries to the German Physical Chemistry Meeting. In the following year a sequence of sessions on Physical and Theoretical Chemistry was offered for the first time at the 4th European Chemistry Congress in Prague.
The next step for shaping the joint European community in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry is proposed by launching a new biannual conference series starting in 2015, which alternates with the European Chemistry Congress series, allowing for the community to meet regularly every year on a European level. The first conference will be held at the University of Catania (Sicily, Italy) and the following biannual conferences will be hosted by different European institutions.

The Conference was locally organized by LAMSUN